Chicago, IL 2015

Roma is a response to the tools and scientific instruments of Galileo, which were crafted with both ornate spectacle and functional nuance in mind. Its delicate balance of form and function allows for an alternative reading of the passing of time; one that is slow and ambiguous. Consisting of 13 synchronized clocks, the disks turn to form the Roman numerals of the four main hours of the day: 3, 6, 9, and 12.

The time in between hours is visualized by the steadily shifting array of lines as they gather towards the next main hour. At a glance, Roma is chaotic and illegible, but only after spending time understanding the clock does one appreciate its slow, meditative telling of time.

Axel Olson Roma Clock design

Axel Olson Roma Clock design

Roma Room without a Bed 2018 SAIC Sullivan Galleries