Ann Arbor, MI 2021

Self-Storage is a temporary dwelling made for the reclamation and dispersal of domestic things. In dialogue with the detritus of modernism, the project suggests a Maison Dom-Ino of stuff caught within the contemporary problem of ownership.

Rather than going straight from someone’s home (“my” things) into a landfill (“nobody’s” things), objects are rerouted to this facility and reused in the community (“our” things), confusing the typical cycle of consumerism and diffusing the private/public dichotomy of ownership.

Two living spaces for obsessive organizers stack and sort objects as they come and go, constantly rearranging the building’s layout to accommodate an uncertain supply chain. Just like its nomadic residents, the things and architecture they construct are not necessarily here to stay…

Project completed in Prof. Adam Fure’s studio at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.